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Six free marketing ideas to get you new clinic motoring

You’ve done your training. You’ve built your website, got your brand spot on, renovated and furnished your new shiny clinic and invested heavily in all the right kit to deliver the very best aesthetic treatments.

So what now? You’re probably spent up and facing some serious liabilities on rent, rates, staff, utilities and hire purchase agreements. So when it comes to getting bums on seats, the thought of shelling out another lump of cash on PR and marketing simply isn’t viable whilst you’re in your ‘start up’ phase.

In this weeks blog, we’ll show you six marketing hacks that’ll cost you next to nothing (only your time) to get motoring and start driving your new venture forward:


Network like crazy, go to local events in your area, attend launch events and join local groups – even if they’re not in your industry. Go to your local G.P’s and speak to your G.P friends for potential referrals. Are there certain affluent areas that your potential clients will attend?

Building a good network of local contacts will help encourage recommendations and referrals through to you as it not only adds a personal touch it puts a face behind the brand.

Website listings and content

This might seem obvious, but get a handle on your website, its traffic and how you’re found in search (at CCF Media we can show you the ropes), there are many directory sites out there that offer free listings that will in turn help with rankings, Google maps being a key area to be found in search and its FREE.

Spend a few hours a week writing blogs for your site, be sure to make them relevant and engaging for your audience and look at the subject matter too. If you’ve purchase the latest radio frequency device you may want to start shouting about it through blog content and make sure you’re not keyword stuffing and/or not putting enough keywords in your copy – it’s a tight rope, we can show you how.

Social media

Use all the opportunities at your disposal – by not only sharing links to your site’s copy and news, you can also follow what’s driving the news agenda too. For example – keep abreast of what celebrities are being featured in the press and run an opinion to encourage likes and shares?

You’ll have friends, family and colleagues that will also like and share your posts – use them! – You’ll be surprised on how much support you have here and how quick a post can find its way through to a potential customer.

Leaflet drops

Go old school – leaflet drops are still a great way to generate new enquiries; look at hair salons, gyms, local business’s, wine bars, G.P practices. Easily picked up and referred back to; maybe even run an offer to get a good call to action?

Additionally, you can have in-clinic leaflets with an offer of referring a friend – that way your current customers are encouraged to also spread the word on your behalf.

Local press

Make yourself a list of all the local press you’d like to engage with, they can be great allies for editorial coverage. These can also be websites, radio stations and print media. Contact them! Maybe put an event on yourself so they can come and trial the latest treatments on offer? At CCF Media we’ve hosted many press events in our time and can show you how to put a cracking event on that will turn into column inches in the press!

Supplier support

This one’s often overlooked; ask your suppliers to help you! They will often offer marketing budget to secure a deal on a new device so use what’s available and ask the question. They might already employ a PR and marketing firm that you can lean on for support.

At CCF Media this is something we do day in day out as part of our remit in driving not only supplier sales but their consumer demand too – use it its FREE!

If you’d like a chat on any of these, or would like to grow your clinic, get in touch today…

6 marketing hacks for a new clinic start up

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