How clinics can use TikTok to boost their business

The social media world is changing thanks to TikTok. We look at how clinics across the UK can utilise the app to attract Gen Z customers and increase treatment revenue. Although TikTok gained popularity during the Covid-19 lockdowns, the platform has since grown in popularity and is now a key player in the social media […]

How to grow an authentic Instagram following

When it comes to managing your social media marketing, one of the most important avenues to explore these days is Instagram. At CCF Media we love and use this social media channel frequently. This week’s blog is all about organic ways to grow an Instagram following and ensure you’re getting the most out of this […]

CCF Media recruits new Content & Social Media Executive

CCF Media is pleased to announce the appointment of Steven Bartlett as Content and Social Medic Executive for the agency. Hailing from beautiful Edinburgh, Steven joins our digital team to head up the content and social strategy for clients and our internal channels. With a background in social media across various customer-focused companies, Steven also […]

6 marketing hacks for a new clinic start up

Six free marketing ideas to get you new clinic motoring You’ve done your training. You’ve built your website, got your brand spot on, renovated and furnished your new shiny clinic and invested heavily in all the right kit to deliver the very best aesthetic treatments. So what now? You’re probably spent up and facing some […]

9 tips to grow your social media audience

How to grow your social media audience authentically When it comes to growing your social media audience, it can be easy to think it’s a long road. To some extend it is, and building authentic audience takes time and perseverance. To grow your social media audience you need to build a useful and cohesive relationship […]

4 ways to drive traffic to your website through social media

How to drive traffic through an effective social media strategy You’ll no doubt know by now that social media is a popular way for businesses to engage with their target audiences. You might even post on Facebook or respond to a few tweets now and again. Social media can help you build brand recognition, foster […]

Six ways to build a Twitter following

One of the most popular questions we are asked by clients is how to build a social media following, and more specifically how best to build a twitter following. Whilst unfortunately there is no ‘quick fix’ or overnight magic to building an authentic twitter following, there are some simple tricks that you can employ in […]

Why do regular blog posts improve website traffic?

The top benefits of blogging to improve website traffic At CCF Media we are often asked how to quickly improve website traffic and build and online audience. Obviously, this isn’t a simple question, as an online presence takes time and effort, but there are some key rules to follow. Aside from employing robust SEO and […]

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